An Analysis Of Daniel Brown 's Book ' The Boys Of The Boat ' Essay

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To be an Olympic athlete, serious dedication is required in order to succeed. In Daniel Brown’s book The Boys in the Boat, one can fully understand the commitment and desire for success that each Olympic athlete requires. However, determination and skills are not the only factors that affected the Olympic athletes in The Boys in the Boat. The time period in which the athletes lived had a major affect on their success or failure. The time period affected the Olympic athlete as person by changing their personality, in addition the Olympic athletes ran a greater risk of perusing an Olympic dream, and lastly with the Great Depression, there was an increased sense of nationalism throughout the United States, and the Olympic athletes gave hope to the struggling people of America. The book takes place at the start of the Great Depression. The 1930s was also the time of the Dust Bowl, which gave this time period the name “Dirty Thirties”. “The whole country seemed to have withered and browned under the searing sun (Brown, Daniel pg. 120).” People were starving and began moving east in search of better lives. “There were millions of tons of food around, but it was not profitable to transport it, or sell it. Warehouses were full of clothing, but people could not afford it. There were lots of houses, but they stayed empty because people who couldn’t pay rent, had been evicted, and now live in shacks in quickly formed “Hoovervilles” built on garbage dumps (Zinn, Howard pg. 9-10).”…

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