Essay on An Analysis Of Charlotte 's Web And Its Influence On People

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Charlotte’s Web starts from a story about young pig, who was born on a farm. His name is Willbur, he was the weakest piglet of offspring, because of that farmer wanted to kill him. However, farmer’s daughter- Fern stopped him and asked to look after Willbur. The Father decided to give little pig to his daughter for teaching purposes. Fern cared about piglet very well and attached to him. When Willbur became bigger, the Fern’s family decide to give him to her uncle and aunt, who lived nearby and had their own farm. From this place the main points of the story begins. The story continues with more characters that will play a significant role in life of the main character of the book- Willbur. Primarily, what is the definition of a character, usually it means person, animal, or figure that are shown in a literature work. There are many characters in Charlotte’s Web and their influence on people that are going to be discussed in an essay. Animals in this story plays significant role and act almost like a humans. Moreover, animals present the biggest main characters in the book.
The main character is Willbur. The pig, who now lives on the farm of Fern’s aunt and uncle. He had a fortune couple of times, first, when he was born a runt and was saved from death by one young girl. She look after him like a real baby. When he became older, there are might be noticed the character of Willbur, he is sensitive and vulnerable, because without Fern he starts to fell loneliness and…

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