An American Lyric And Phaswane Mpe By Claudia Rankine Citizen

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To be Black means to be different. As a student of color and a woman I already have barriers stacked against me in life. Barriers that have been written about in literature I have read. Throughout the semester we came across multiple themes such as Justice, Identity, Trauma and other signifying themes. However these are not just themes but occurrences that happen to people in the United States and South Africa. Although both of these countries are far apart and have culture difference they share the societal evil of racism. Racism is defined as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races” (Google Dictionary). This ideal occurs in Claudia Rankine Citizen: An American Lyric and Phaswane Mpe Welcome to Our Hillbrow where women are dealing with racism in microagression forms.

Apartheid has allowed the evil of racism to be prevalent and have its control on society. In Welcome to Our Hillbrow by Phaswane Mpe features a character by the name of Refilwe who decides to go to Oxford to receive her masters. While she is there she faces many times that racism is clear to her and she does not know how react. Refilwe speaks about a time she is in the airport and two men are racial profiled and from there they are searched based on their backgrounds. “Such scenes repeat themselves frequently in our England in the new millennium, in the early part…

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