An Alternative Dispute Resolution ( Adr ) Essay

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The Appropriate court for this lawsuit will depend on several factors. The three important considerations include: 1) Personal jurisdiction is the courts power to render a decision affecting rights of a person. 2) Subject matter jurisdiction will determine which court system, state or federal courts, will hear this case. 3) What minimal contact are or are not established. In this case, the subject matter was presented to the State of New York court system. Providing long arm statutes with established minimal contacts. Which the “federal district court established a “sliding-scale” standard in the 1997 case Zippo Mfg. Co. v. Zippo Dot Com, Inc. for determining whether a business that has Internet contact with a plaintiff in a different state satisfies the minimum-contacts standard. This sliding scale is consistent with well-developed personal jurisdiction principles” (Dynamic Business Law, 2016).
Therefore, I do think an Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) may be an option to resolve this dispute. In doing an ADR, both parties are looking for a resolution of the legal disputed, through methods such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, summery jury trials, minitrials, neutral case evaluations, and private trials (Dynamic Business Law, 2016). One aspect of the case study is the mention that there is an arbitration clause in their contract that requires all disputes go to arbitration. Which is similar to the Waffle House case we viewed. The pros for arbitrations and…

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