An Air Force Veteran Essay

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A $200,000 Testicle
If you thought our hospitals and outpatient facilities are one of the safest places you might reconsider. I am certain that we in the medical community have presumed about at least one unbelievable medical mistake, which has actually happened to many unfortunate patients. While you may imagine that these are separated occurrences, this is a long way from reality; for instance, I read of an Air Force veteran has documented a government claim for $200,000 for money related remuneration after an operation at a Veterans Administration surgical facility in which a he lost a growth free testicle which was relinquished rather than a possibly harmful one as a consequence of a surgical mistake. Be that as it may, the specialists carelessly displaced his sound right testicle. He had his left testicle evacuated June 14 at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center in light of the fact that there was a chance it could harbor malignancy cells. It likewise was decayed and difficult.
This unfortunate mishap and other various mistakes could have been averted recently by following some steps. I read an article that discussed the steps and strides and how the Joint Commission is involved and included to slow down on some the mistakes that happen during a patient’s outpatient and or inpatient surgery. These following steps could be used as a preventive measure and they are integrity of patient data, accuracy in surgical site marking, and site verification in pre-op. Changing…

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