An Advertisement For A Classic 1970 Mustang Automobile On A Website

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According to the case files from April 7, 2014, Ron D. Meyer of Nebraska the plaintiff in this case saw an advertisement for a classic 1970 Mustang automobile on a website,, which was sold by Race City Classics, LLC in North Carolina in July of 2012. Race City Classics, LLC is a business that specializes in the consignment and sale of classic cars. It is partially owned by Thomas M. Alphin who is the defendant in this case. Mr. Alphin’s business is located in Iredell, North Carolina and advertises its merchandise on websites such as,, ebay, and Race City Classics own website.
Mr. Meyer of Nebraska contacted Mr. Alphin of North Carolina because of his interest in purchasing the 1970 Mustang to exhibit at car shows around Nebraska. An agreement was reached between the parties that Mr. Meyer would purchase the automobile from Race City Classics through Mr. Alphin for $21,000 plus additional fees of about $345 which would be paid by Mr. Meyer to have the car shipped to his home in Nebraska. Once the car was delivered to Mr. Meyer, he was not happy with the condition of the car and wanted a refund of the purchase price; however, Mr. Alphin, refused to give a refund.
Mr. Meyer sued Mr. Alphin in Nebraska courts. After being served with a court order, Mr. Alphin of North Carolina did not appear at the Nebraska hearing, and a default judgement was entered against him for $8,942.30. The plaintiff, Mr. Meyer, filed a Docketing of…

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