Essay on An Abstract Concept Involves Complex Mental Process

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It is an abstract concept involves complex mental process. Children begin to display FBU around age of five (Gable & Hunting, 2001). FBU and SC support each other in bidirectional ways in a cycle (Razza & Blair, 2009). The acquisition of the FBU helps children to learn that thoughts are related to both emotional and behavioural outcome (Razza & Blair, 2009). The information received from FBU can than motivate the child to enrich their growth of SC (Razza & Blair, 2009). In another way around, positive social interaction can encourage individual to be willing or wanting to understand others or themselves, which stimulate individual to scaffold their knowledge of false-understanding (Razza & Blair, 2009). The relation of FBU and SC is also supports by Vygotsky’s (1978) theory that complex mental processes is begin as social activities. “Executive functions are mental processes that underpin goal-directed behaviour and acts of self-control.”(White, Hayes & Livesey, p.73). In other word, EF is the individual’s cognitive function to instruct their goal and behaviour. EF depends on three types of brain function, those including working memory, cognitive flexibility (aka rule switching), and self-regulation (aka inhibitory control), those function controls person’s cognition and social ability (Devine & Hughes, 2014; Sabbagh, Moses, & Shiverick, 2006). EF occurs early in infancy and continues to develop well into adolescence and counterparts the development of the prefrontal…

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