Amy Tan 's The Joy Luck Club Experience Essay

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"My life changed completely when I was twelve, the summer the heavy rains came"(53)... Lindo, one of the characters in Amy Tan’s fictional novel, The Joy Luck Club experience many dramatic changes at a very young age. The novel is about the relationships of four Chinese American mother-daughter pairs. Each chapter of the book holds stories told by the individual characters, narrating both their past life in China and their present life in America. Lindo is born in China. Her parents hired a matchmaker to arrange a marriage for her at the tender age of two, so it was decided that she will marry Tyan-yu Huang. When Lindo is twelve, a nearby river floods her family 's land, forcing her family to move to another city, and leaving her to live with the Huangs. The Huangs right away treat Lindo like one of the servants in the house, leading her straight to the kitchen when she arrives. Then at the age of sixteen, a marriage ceremony is held for Lindo and Tyan-yu, consisting of guest who were bribed to attend . Lindo learns to accept her life and obey her parents ' words, making sure her family does not lose face. These experiences in her girlhood affect the way she is today, for example her cunning personality, her ability of recognizing her true value, and the way she raises her daughter, Waverly.
Events from the past teach Lindo to be the devious person she is today. For many years, she is stuck in a marriage she does not have a choice in, only to do to honor her parents’…

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