Joy Luck Club Relationship Analysis

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The mother and daughter pair I was assigned was Lindo Jong, and her daughter Waverly Jong. Just like most mothers and daughters, Lindo and Waverly share some of the same viewpoints and also contradicted with one another's’ viewpoints. Some similarities they shared were their hard work ethic and use of knowledge. They both came from hard times. Lindo was in a very bad place in China. She was married to a man that did not love her, nor really cared for her and her mother-in-law was such a cruel person to her. Lindo came up with a very devious plan to get out of the marriage which miraculously worked and allowed her to come to the U.S. On the other hand, you have Waverly, a young prodigy that came out on top, winning chess tournament after chess …show more content…
The theme being lack of communication. Lack of communication can be the failure in any type of relationship whether it be mother and daughter, friendship, or husband and wife. In The Joy Luck Club, Waverly spends some years of her adult life feeling that her mother does not care for her husbands but in reality Lindo has never said anything for her to think that which is caused from lack of communication. “‘Ai-ya, why do you think these bad things about me?’ Her face looked old and full of sorrow. ‘So you think your mother is bad. You think I have a secret meaning. But it is you who has this meaning. Ai-ya! She thinks I am this bad!’ She sat straight and proud on the sofa. Her mouth clasped together, her eyes sparkling with angry tears” (201). Through this shared dialogue, it expresses how Lindo feels when Waverly thinks that she always has a “secret meaning” to her harsh ways such as being silent or changing the subject or saying cruel things to Waverly about Rich. When in reality Waverly just reads into things to much due to the lack of communication causing her to constantly bump heads with her mother. The lack of communication can also be caused because Lindo does not know much English and Waverly does not know much

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