Raymond's Run Theme Essay

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Theme essay

In “All American Slurp” and “Raymond’s Run”b.Both characters want to either make friends or fit in. In both stories they have something holding them back or preventing them from making from being what they want to be. Here is a little back story so this girl named Lin wants to dress how she wants and be who she is. Except her mother doesn’t want that, she wants her daughter to basically follow in her footsteps. In Raymond’s Run; Squeaky wants to make friends, but since she is obnoxious and thinks she's the best when she isn’t. In the “All American Slurp”the cultures and style is different than everyone else in her school. Her mom wants her to dress like where she is from, but sometimes dressing from where you’re from can lead to bigger things such as bullying. In both stories there is
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She wants to be the fastest and the greatest, unfortunately that isn’t a person some people would want to be nice to and be friends with. Squeaky has some trouble making friends, half due to her brother poor girl sometimes has to babysit him. Both characters have a few 2-3 similarities. Of Course, there are a few difference but not many.Her mom wants Lin to follow what is expected but why always want that. Lin wants to be like everyone else in her school.That is not alway a good thing.
In “Raymond’s Run” the impact of the story is her brother and because of him she cannot make friends. Squeaky has to babysit him and that makes it hard and takes away time to meet people. Squeaky is a very competitive and kinda jerky to people but that I NO way to act. The way you act and treat people inflicts what people think of you. Such as, when you meet a person and they acts like donald trump for instance “Hey, have you seen my poll numbers they are very impressive” or “I am the best, I can make America great again. Like if you meet someone like that most human beings would say uhh, I got to go. Like

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