Essay on Amusement Parks : The Amusement Park

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Millions of people choose to spend their vacations at amusement parks. The amusement parks such as Disney World are the popular way of entertainment for every group age. Families and companies of friends are getting together to celebrate events in such a bright and entertaining atmosphere. The amusement park 's ambiance also engaging for a perfect one day vacation, especially for those who can 't afford long trips. There are a lot of reasons why people love the amusement parks, but the main ones are the breathtaking thrill rides, various kinds of food, and unforgettable shows. The first reason why people keep coming back to the amusement parks over and over again is the different kinds of rides such as roller coasters, water rides, and a great variety of kids rides. Thrill rides or roller coasters are the attracting focal point of any amusement park. At Disney World, for instance, "Space Mountain" and "Expedition Everest" are some of the popular ones. The "Space Mountain" attracts guests by the dark passages full of spiral turns and high speed rocket ships. And the "Expedition Everest" invites people by pretty great drops, banked turns, and Yeti theme. If someone ever experienced the indescribable feeling such as adrenaline rush, could become addicted and wanted to feel it again and again. In real life situations, people usually experience a certain feeling of emotion at the same time, but riding roller coasters they experience mixed feelings such as fear…

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