Amt Task 4 Essay

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Trinity Hospitals five year plan includes development of an orthopedic center, cardiovascular center and a cancer center. Task four asks for an assessment of the viability of one of these service lines. By assuming the role of the hospital CEO, I will evaluate the orthopedic center service line and present the findings to the board of directors for their approval.
Demand for Orthopedic Service Line As identified in the Trinity Community Hospital’s Community Needs Assessment, the demand for orthopedic services in the area is expected to increase by 46% in the next five years. Inpatient joint and spine procedure are projected to increase by 30% and outpatient joint and spine procedures are expected to increase by 350%. Trinity
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This will affect Trinity Hospital’s plans to create their orthopedic centers. With an increase in the number of citizens that are insured, there will be an influx of patient throughout the hospital, including the new service line. The Payment bundles for an episode of care will allow for integration of health care across hospitals, physicians and post-acute care providers for some medical conditions (Main, David & Starry, Melissa, 2010).
Existing Service Lines that Complement the Orthopedic Center Development The service lines currently available at Trinity Hospital that may compliment the orthopedic center development are family medicine, internal medicine, geriatrics, general surgery, thoracic surgery, radiology and emergency services. Sources of referral for the orthopedic center may come from family medicine, internal medicine, geriatric and emergency services. Often time’s geriatric patients have a greater need for orthopedic service due to falls and poor bone structure and by having this service available there can be stronger specialized follow-up care for the geriatric population. General surgery and thoracic surgery are often times called in on spinal surgeries to protect other body organs. The hospital currently has radiology service available in the form of basic x-ray, two CT scanners and one MRI scanner. All of these radiology services will be needed

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