Essay on Amish People, Many Cows, And Many Animals

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Small Town USA

Wakarusa, Indiana where there are many Amish people, many cows, and many cornfields. This town was previously known as Salem, Indiana. and was a stop for people traveling between Elkhart and Goshen to conduct business. Today, Wakarusa is a thriving farming economy and has two-grain mills. Do not forget the bread! Any big shopping centers or grocery stores are located around 45 minutes away. This town is a quaint, tight-knit community, cute, with a nostalgic feel. While walking down the sidewalks anyone can get the sense of a small town built with traditions. There are brick laid roads and black lamp posts lining the streets and shop that date back to the 1900’s. The town exists around a four-way stop light in the center of it. When entering the town they have the communal funeral home to the right. Clip and Curls the hair salon right after, and a laundromat. Cook’s pizza around the corner, Dollar General, and a hardware store. Across from the town center the library. And finally the famous Dime store, known for its giant jellybeans. It has a nice rustic feel that anyone would think it was a picturesque place to live. Only if one could handle the simplicity of it, that is. Anyone could stand in the middle of the intersection and see every store that the town has to offer. The kind of town where the volunteer firefighters still decorate a Christmas tree in the middle of the town square at Christmas! Cook 's Pizza is pretty much the portrait of a pizza dive…

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