Political Changes In America

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America has survived many challenges since becoming an independent country after her break from Great Britain. She had to overcome being ruled by a monarch who was looking for what was best for the imperial empire as opposed to what was best for the new nation. This resulted in a change in the political system of the United States. Slavery was a huge social obstacle during this time between the nation itself, especially the North and South. Along with the political and social issues the nation had to overcome, they were also facing economic concerns. America’s destiny changed over time due to the changes in the social, economic and political arenas.
America was a social system that revolved around the social hierarchy that whites were above
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With the development of the market and industrial revolutions, along with the advances in technology, the economic and social landscape changed. This meant that the Americans could produce larger amounts of goods for the national and international markets and rely less on imports. The invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney increased the potential profit for cotton due to taking less time to clean cotton than could be done by hand. America transformed from a nation of artisans that were skilled at their job to a nation of manufacturers. The shift to manufacturing created a new social order: the economic elite, middle class and working class. The market revolution brought some improvements to the lives of the working class but were more beneficial to the middle and elite classes. The development of the transportation system as evidenced with the steam locomotive and development of canals meant that America could have easier access to have their goods exported to other countries which would increase the income for the new land. The expansion of the textile industries provided a large market for cotton and was expanding. As the wealth of the new nation grew, the nation began to enjoy more of the benefits of things the other nations also offered that had once only been a privilege of the elite. The change to a manufacturing …show more content…
It overcame the monarchy system to become a diplomatic republic with the people having a voice in what they want for this great nation. The creation of the checks and balance system of the three branches of government helps to ensure that no one person will have absolute control over the nation again. The change in the social system from only a select few dictating what was best for the country changed after the market revolution which moved more people into the work force and created a different social system for people to strive toward. Laws were changed to allow more whites the opportunity to vote, which will continue to change over the next decade also. There was still discrimination toward women and blacks during this time but there were discussions being held by the elite wives to attempt to change the perception of women especially. Economically, the nation grew but not without defeating the artisans craftsmanship and forcing them to learn new trades in the manufacturing industry. The nation was evolving and the people in it needed to grow and change with it. Americans are a strong group who believe they are part of a great nation that will continue to grow and expand on all of it’s riches and benefits that it has to offer. America wanted to be an independent nation which is what it has accomplished and the

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