Essay on American Women During World War II

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The article uses many variations of evidence but it is mostly through employee records from the Ford Motor Company that they bolster their case, with positive results in their thorough analysis. Their approach with an economic focus is greatly assistive in their argument, with the historians’ central conclusions stating that the changes in women’s employment following World War II developed through union interference and the return of men to the workforce that forced women en masse left wartime employment, not that all women did not wish to work once “normality” returned. The domestic focus of American women in World War II is of the first investigations into the topic of American women’s history as a whole, and is singularly of itself an important topic for research and debate. However, to rely wholly on these narratives without outside contextual information is a grievous error, and so the later publications of American women elsewhere in the Second World War is an important addition and expansion of the topic. The Second World War does not feature much record of American women on the warfront; due to the lack of any true fighting group women could join and the limitations their gender gave them in American 1940’s society. Nevertheless, women could and did find ways to actively serve in the war in what ways they could, and historians began to research this topic in earnest in the 1990’s and later. Susan H. Horn’s Women, Work, and Fertility, 1900-1986 is a monograph…

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