American Sexuality Class - Original Writing Essay

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When Dean was a little boy, he played on swings and his favorite school yard game was tag. He was friends with both girls and boys during elementary school. Middle school came and went and he remained friends with both sexes. His parents and family friends assumed he was a late bloomer due to his lack of girlfriends, or even crushes. As high school progressed, his peers observed that he wasn’t dating, and commented on it. He assured his friends that he wasn’t interested in anyone specific and the friends accepted it. This trend of remaining single and uninterested in romantic relationships persisted into college. It was there at college that Dean learned about asexuality in a human sexuality class. For the first time, he felt quiet relief when everything clicked into place. He had struggled internally for years when friends and family would ask him why he wasn’t interested in dating. He had felt divergent from his peers and sensed that they would judge him for it. Dean read more on the subject of asexuality and came to privately identify as such. A year after his personal epiphany, he felt comfortable with sharing his full self. When he finally divulged this to his friends and family, there was a mixed reaction. Many people close to Dean supported him in his new found existence. However, there were countless others who questioned or doubted his disclosure. The naysayers suggested that he hadn’t found the right person or even that something was physically or mentally wrong…

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