American Of The American Revolution Essay

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Americans began to form a strong sense of identity during the time of the American Revolution. However, because of widespread envy, distrust, and disorganization, organizations that were meant to unify the colonists, like the Continental Congress, became more like debating clubs that had to work for extended periods of time before agreeing on anything, which delayed colonial unity. In addition, American resistance was further hampered by a conflict of colonial interests. There were many colonists who were still faithful to Great Britain and did not want to break away from them. These colonists are dubbed Loyalists. Furthermore, there were also some colonists refused to support the revolution, because they felt that a break with Great Britain would result in economic turmoil. Ultimately, it was imperative that all of the colonists put aside their differences to preserve their rights and fight for their independence. Many people who lived in the colonies at the time were not English; their ethnicities included German, Dutch, Swedish, Jewish, Scots-Irish, and French. Some people were even a mixture of many different ethnic groups. This “mixed” group of people, which could not be found anywhere else in the world, that united to fight for their rights led to the creation of a separate identity. There were many different factors that led to a highly evolved sense of unity and identity among the colonists. The Revolutionary War and British negligence and victimization resulted…

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