Essay on American Imperialism During The Civil War

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Essay 1 The years after the Civil War to the turn of the 20th Century should be seen as American imperialism, because all expansions during the era were either approved, or instigated by the US government. To start I would like to take a look at how the Hawaii expansion was handled, it was first taken over by nearby US Marines that were station nearby before the government had learned of what happened. The Us Marines were ordered to capture the present ruler, Queen Lili’uokalani, by a US fruit company, The United Fruit Company. The company need the queen gone because she wanted any and all outside ties with Hawaii to end, which would mean that the United Fruit Company would lose a great resource of fruit and therefore money. Now when the information reaches the president at the time, President Cleveland, his response is, do nothing, leave things as they are and leave Hawaii in the hands of the United Fruit Company. There are many reasons for Cleveland to react this way, one would be that at the time the government had a laissez-faire attitude, which meant that the government had a very hands-off approach and therefore didn’t want to meddle in business affairs. Another reason would be that if the queen was returned to her land there was a high probability that she would take negative action to American ties. Now this event could be seen as a technical imperialist movement because the government didn’t directly call for the US expansion into Hawaii, however since no actions…

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