American History : The Adversity Of American Baseball Essay example

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The Adversity of American Baseball

Many people enjoy watching the game of baseball from its early beginnings in the 1800’s, Baseball had originated in England and had a number of names. But, what makes American Baseball, is the emphatic impact it installed as the sport evolved and progressed into a phenomenon today. Although, baseball may be considered a sport or pastime, it is still apart of American history. This American sport has contributed, significantly, more than many individuals would estimate, by breaking the race barrier, producing a cycle of economic innovation, providing safety for uneasy individuals during hardships, and establishing a social and cultural image defining the American society today.
Baseball became essential to assist in breaking the race barrier between blacks and whites most popularly in 1947. Baseball had been segregated for the past fifty years and this was shameful for some individuals. Unnecessarily, many of the most talented black ballplayers were disallowed from joining the most prestigious leagues. But, this exclusion finally ended in 1947. In the year of 1947, a black man named Jackie Robinson, became the first black ballplayer to make an impact in white baseball, and once said, that a “life is only important for the impact it has on other lives”.(Bird) His gutsy entry into an all-white Major League Baseball league, not only broke a color barrier in…

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