American Foreign Policy During 1898 Essay

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Governor Livingston High School

Money and Morality

Katie Zimmermann
Advanced Placement United States History
Mr. Bolger
2 November 2016 American foreign policy greatly changed in 1898. This was partially due to the the close of the western frontier, which caused citizens to fear that the once abundant natural resources would become scarce. The panic of 1893 further encouraged the search for new overseas markets. In 1898, America 's victory in the Spanish-American War ended the colonial Spanish empire in the Western Hemisphere. As a result of the war, America obtained Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. America also annexed Hawaii during the war (The Spanish-American War, 1898). These foreign land gains helped America economically. American investments took over Cuba 's economy and made it important to America. Cuba also established an economy based on sugar production that, like in Puerto Rico, was unstable and caused the two countries to become more dependent on America. America 's occupation of the Philippines was seen as a way for America to become more dominate in Asian trade, especially trade with China. America 's established presence in these countries allowed it to have new markets for its finished goods and a place from which to obtain raw materials. After the Spanish-American War to start of the Great Depression, America continued to use foreign policy to advance economically. Starting with its entrance into World War I, America began to…

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