Importance Of American Foreign Policy

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The most important goal of American foreign policy is to defend the independence of the United States, so that America can govern itself according to its principles and pursue its national interests. The U.S. is therefore committed to providing for its common defense, protecting the freedom of its commerce, and seeking peaceful relations with other nations.
At the same time, American foreign policy has a set of long-term goals, or a grand strategy, that have traditionally guided its foreign policy thinking. This grand strategy is shaped by the universal significance of America 's founding principles, and the country 's unique responsibility to uphold and advance these principles.
Thomas Jefferson economized the America. This made the Army
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The Constitution gives the federal government primary responsibility for dealing with tribes. After Louisiana Purchase Thomas Jefferson ordered that the Indian groups were ordered to move west of the Mississippi River. They said they would live undisturbed by white settlers. This cause Indians to acculturation, removal, or extinction. The Indians became deprived of hunting lands, decimated by disease, increasingly dependent on the white economy for the trade good and annuity payments in exchange for land cessions, many Indian peoples despaired.
December 2, 1823 the president presented the Monroe Doctrine to Congress and the World. He ended the colonization of the Western Hemisphere by European Nations. United States considered the New World nations a danger to itself. Monroe then said that the United States would not interfere in any affairs of European countries or the New world colonies.
There was conflict between Hamilton and Jefferson got worse over th issues of American policy. French Revolution of 1789 which was commanding of the Atlantic world. Then the fall of French Monarchy. Which lead to Reign of Terror 1793, hundreds of aristocrats were executed by the guillotine. Then came the execution of King Louis XVI and war between Britain and France divided American
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There was a strong resentment against continuing the influence of Britain American Affairs. The Brits were hurt by the American trade embargo . President James was about to adopt a more conciliatory policy towards the U.S. ships, but then Madison declared war in June 1812.
In the War of 1812 the westerners blamed the British for Tecumseh’s attacks on pioneers settlements in the Northwest. British support of western Indians and the long-lasting difficulties over neutral shipping rights were the two grievances cited by President Madison. New Enland and the Middle States in opposition and the West and South strongly pro-war. Then the United States entered the War of 1812 .
The Mexican American War began with advances by U.S forces into the disputed area between the Nueces River and Rio Grande in Texas. James K. Polk wanted to expand. He lived up to his words. Polk was considered the “manifest destiny” president. Polk sent a General to defend the Mexican expansion. Polk then started border protection. Polk secretly told the Pacific Navy to seize the California port if Mexico declared War. November 1845, Polk sent 30 million dollars or more for the Rio Grande border in Texas and Mexico’s provinces of New Mexico and California. After controversy in Oregon began dying down, things in Texas were heating up again. Polk tells Congress that Taylor was

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