American Foreign Policy By Felix Gilbert Essay

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Today many Americans tend to believe that it is better to focus solely on America as a nation and the problems that are currently happening. There was a time that American Foreign Policy was seen as a way to help America prosper. It is a way to have relations with other countries; it has helped the United States further many of their goals whether it regards to trade or security. The most important factor of foreign policy is that it can help the United States secure their national interest. We are at a time where many do not agree that being involved in foreign affairs is such an ideal situation. In the book, To The Farewell Address: Ideas of Early American Foreign Policy, Felix Gilbert does not write about the history of American foreign policy. On the contrary, he analyzes how America 's foreign policy, government, and views were influenced by European ideas and practices starting from George Washington 's farewell address to the Declaration of Independence. This book is ideal for understanding how the colonists felt regarding foreign policy, the concepts of idealism and realism, and how America 's international relations and foreign policies were shaped.
As a result of the American Revolution, the United States got involved in the problems of foreign affairs with a negative perspective regarding Europe because of their deep-rooted colonial experience. The beginning of colonization had two distinct and contradictory motives: "creating an ideal life and society" and…

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