American Exceptionalism And The United States Essay

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American exceptionalism is known as the idea that America is superior and the United States is the best country (“American exceptionalism,” Wikipedia). In the United States, patriotic pride is important to citizens. On the Fourth of July or America’s birthday, citizens set off fireworks and celebrate the birthday of their beloved country. Some citizens in the United States believe that the United States is superior to all the other country. This American exceptionalism influences how Americans perceive American history because they think that the United States is superior to everyone else. In the colonial era there are many versions of the same experience. For example there were different accounts of Christopher Columbus and his exploration, the slavery trade, and the rebellions in Virginia. Most who live in America only hear the side of the story that makes the United States sound superior. American exceptionalism influences how American citizens observe American history. When Christopher Columbus came to the New World to find gold and discover new land he ran into Natives. When he landed he wrongly named the natives “Indians” because of the color of their skin and he thought he was in India (Zinn chpt 1). Then Columbus proceeded to kill some Indians and torture others (Zinn chpt 1). Most students do not know that Columbus committed genocide, they see him as the man who founded the New World a man who is kind (Mel-O-Toons). American exceptionalism clouds the judgement of…

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