American Dependency On Means Tested Welfare Essay example

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Contention II: American Dependency on Means Tested Welfare As of the last United States Census, 35.4 percent of American citizens, that is 109,631,000 people, depend on one or more federally funded means-tested programs. Although the opposition may claim that infrastructure is the way to decrease dependency, it doesn’t mean that we can take money away from all of these people that depend on the money they are given. We spend roughly $1.03 trillion on these federal programs, and this money is being put to good use. It helps to feed, house, treat, and financialy assist families in need. Undoubtedly we need to decrease this dependency, but pulling money away from feeding people is not the way to go about it. As exorbitant as the US federal budget is, we do not have enough money to invest in infrastructure. As the resolution states, we would have to prioritize infrastructure, and with no budget surplus, this money would undoubtedly come from these programs that Americans rely on to just cover their basic needs. Another large portion of the Americans that rely on these programs are the elderly and the disabled, who encompass nearly 75% of all beneficiaries. For retirees and those who cannot work, the money they receive from the government is all they have. Retired persons paid into the system for over a lifetime and as such they should be guaranteed the money that they were promised. I must then reiterate that prioritizing funding to infrastructure over paying it back to…

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