Essay about American Culture 's Influence On Society

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The start of this unknown American culture was the influence advertisements had on consumers. They were on television, magazines, and a part of an Americans everyday lifestyle. Lynn Peril speaks of cosmetics for example and explains how make-up, grooming, and dressing up creates joy to all women. She states, “Cosmetics companies were quick to back up the experts’ claims linking personal appearance and happiness” (Peril 169). A lady needed to properly maintain their hair, personality, makeup, and have charm in order to conform acceptance in society. This created woman to fill high standards of how they needed to become a proper lady and following these guidelines they were taught what true beauty in society for femininity should be. Another falsely advertisement was discussed by Schlosser and how the fast food world the “American way” was not carefully taken into consideration by Americans. Schlosser said, “Fast food has joined Hollywood movies, blue jeans, and pop music as one of America’s most prominent culture” (Schlosser 10). Americans would purchase these fast foods being cognizant to what is actually entering their bodies, and just like cosmetics women are being unaware when they buy these products. The new modernity developing during the post war is no different than what today can become. Americans base their actions and beliefs upon what society believes as a whole. All of society for example females, have a desire to look like the perfect lady, because of a…

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