American Culture And Indian Culture Essay example

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“The variations of culture are startling, yet all people have customs and beliefs”. Thus, making it hard figuring out how cultures are different. But it also helps understand how American culture is different from Indian culture. Both these cultures have traditions and guidelines followed each day. And there 's distinctness of the cultures but no explanation of what they are. Which is a benefit to learning that American culture and Indian culture are different. American culture and Indian culture differ in ways of cooking, etiquette and marriage.
American cooking and Indian cooking differ in types of food, ways of eating and food prep. American culture, eat with forks & spoons because it 's less messy and easier to pick up food. But Indian culture uses hands or bread to eat their food because hands are the most precious organ of action. Americans, sit at tables and chairs while they eat because it’s family oriented. But Indians sit on the floor when eating it helps prevent chances of health problems. The preparation of American food like processed hot dogs and burgers is quicker. In contrast, Indians, make the food by hand and making it a longer process of cooking. Even so Americans favor the microwave because it easy to reheat frozen food and it’s a faster process. Indians prefer to let the food sit overnight and just eat the leftovers even while cold. Last, the types of foods, Indians eat are chicken tick Marsala, Marsala rice, and dole which are spicy. Americans eat foods…

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