American Colonization And Development : The Rise Of Slavery And The Tobacco Trade

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American colonization and development was shaped by many different influences such as new economic trends, stark political realities or emerging societal and cultural factors. Throughout my studies and readings, I have found that the most influential of the three to be new economic trends. The major two changes in the economy that helped to successfully colonize and develop america, was the rise of slavery and the tobacco trade.

It was the "staple" of the Chesapeake colonies in a broader sense than any other staple the world has known. For, in the ancient province, all the processes of government society and domestic life began and ended with tobacco.[1] During the early years of the founding of Jamestown, many colonists were “gentlemen” adventures and scolded manual labor. There had yet to be a successful farming method for the colonists to capitalize and promote development under. In result, many early colonists faced starvation and lived short, miserable lives. One of the first explorers sent by the Virginia Company, John Rolfe, discovered that Virginia had an almost perfect climate for tobacco growth to flourish in. This was the key to colonization and development the colonists had so dearly been looking for. Tobacco become the main cash crop of Jamestown and soon it was being planted everywhere to colonists could manage to grow it! Tobacco became so abundant that by 1617, Rolfe recalled that there had been more than 20,000 pounds of tobacco exported from Virginia.…

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