James Henry Hammond And The Old South Essay

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After reading Drew Faust’s book James Henry Hammond and the Old South, I agree that is a far more than suitable text upon which to end the semester. It is does indeed, bring together all of the themes and ideas we have discussed so far in this class. James Henry Hammond lived an interesting lifestyle and it was one that could have only occurred in the Old South. By examining the writings and of both Anthony S. Parent and Joshua D. Rothman respectively, it becomes clear to see how Hammond developed the personality and characteristics that he did. Parent lays out how the society that Hammond grew up in came to be, then describes how the class structure and elitist system became the way of life in the South and some of the problems that came with that type of society. Rothman describes the way in which the fast growing economy of the South at the time, which was filled with heavy speculation and slave labor created so much anxiety and fear among slave holders and social elite that large scale panic and paranoia could easily ensure. Both, Anthony Parent and Joshua Rothman’s respective works do such a great job of explaining the type of society the Old South was and the type of people who inhabited it, their works provide the information needed to understand the reasoning behind the actions and decisions made by Hammond throughout his life. In Joshua D. Rothman’s Flush Times & Fever Dreams: A Story of Capitalism and Slavery in the Age of Jackson, Rothman focuses more on the…

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