Essay America 's System Of Capitalism

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Introduction (Thesis)
America’s system of capitalism is a hot bed of inequality.
Based on Rawlsian theory America’s current economic system, capitalism, is unjust. In Rawls, Property-Owning Democracy, and Democratic Socialism by Tom Malleson, capitalism is rejected for having unequal political power, unequal opportunity, and unequal wealth distribution. Unequal wealth is the major issue as it affects both political power and opportunity. Those who have more wealth can donate more to political campaigns and therefore have a louder voice in elections. Opportunity, such as access to education, is also affected by wealth. Those from low socioeconomic standing are quite likely to go to schools with low academic achievement. The paper gives two alternatives to the current political system, democratic socialism and property-owning democracy. However, compared to America’s current system “the differences are really quite tiny” (Malleson 246). For the purpose of this paper we will focus on democratic socialism. Malleson defines democratic socialism by its goals which are “equal freedom in the political sphere, equal freedom at work, equal freedom from work, and equal opportunities to develop one’s capabilities, [such as] good levels of education and healthcare” (Malleson 231). Democratic socialism also recognizes that “a major distribution of wealth is the most fundamental requirement for a substantial increase in justice” (Malleson 245). By definition, democratic socialism…

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