Essay about America 's Position Of Mexico

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Mexico we have all heard about it. The nation of drug cartels crime, tacos and Trumps worst nightmare but why is it in the condition that it is in today. To understand the position of Mexico now it is important for us to understand its history and what has led it to this state currently.
On September 16 1810 Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a priest, along with rebel leader Vicente Guerrero and Agustín de Itúrbide issued a call of rebellion to gain Mexico’s independence from Spain. They gained independence in 1821 and drafted the Mexican Constitution. However, in 1822 Iturbide went against what they set out for and declared himself emperor. This set off numerous battles resulting in Antonio Lopez de Santa Anne overthrowing him and creating a new constitution. He created 19 states and 4 territories in Mexico which would later create further revolt. Constant revolts, coups, counter coups and secession continued for around a third of a Century crippling the country. Economically, physically and politically. This constant change of power in Mexico’s past is one of the reasons for the political instability and problems that Mexico is currently having today. The change of powers made it so that most of the country’s wealth was given to the armies and militias to keep control making it so that much less of the country’s wealth was used for the countries benefit such as schooling and hospitals.
The civil unrest of Mexico left Mexico vulnerable to invasions and in 1846 America fought…

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