America 's Political Agenda And The National Condition Essay

783 Words Jan 31st, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout all the readings, the mean purpose of all those author (except for the last article) was to bring out was the events that had led to the current electoral coalition. Whereas a lot of people think that the Obama political agenda and the national condition are the mean reasons of divisions within American polity. To support their point of view they went back the 2008 election. Jacobson in his writing point out factors such as party coalition, Tea party movement, Authoritarianism, Economic crisis, health care reform and Obama wars as the mean cause of the current coalition. According to him, a lot of people, including democrats who supported him at the beginning has moved away especially independent voters soon during first the couple year of his mandate. Adding to that, Mc Mahon point out that the fact that Obama is an African American hasn’t really played an important role in the election but the fact was that it has always been quasi impossible for a democrat candidate to score 60% percent at the election and the political and ideological divisions are the mean determinant in people decisions. But Heidi Beirich and Evelyn Schlatter have a different point of view of the situation. It appears from their arguments that United States has experienced some important increase in racism toward African Americans and it’s seems that the numbers of abuses and discrimination toward them went up just after Obama election. He has been himself the subject of many direct threats…

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