Essay on America 's New Tigers Forge Ahead

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“Murder Capital to Latin America’s Silicon Valley”, "Peace in Colombia Could Mean Profit for Investors" and “Latin America 's New Tigers Forge Ahead”, these are just a few of the headlines from multiple news networks reporting on the new emergence of Colombia as a leading economic power in Latin America. Major corporations are shifting their gaze from heavyweights Brazil and Mexico to the unforeseen boom in Colombia and Peru. A key component to these countries’ rising success is due to their dynamic economies. Colombia’s economy has shown some of the highest economic growth in its region despite its considerably violent past with conflict surrounding drug trafficking and corruption. A Peace Treaty between the guerrilla group the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) and the nation’s government have been under negotiations for years now and recently earned support from international organizations such as the UN, awarding Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos with the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts throughout the Peace process in spite of the rejection it received when recently put to popular vote. Apprehension toward the treaty derives from its failure to concede an agreement that the Colombian people feel assure just restitution and transparency is met by both the FARC and its own government. With the Colombian government’s attention preoccupied toward reaching a peace agreement, it has neglected other aspects that could propel the economy with some federal…

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