America 's Lack Of Adequate Education For The Poor Essay example

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Mexico is a truly wonderful country filled with a rich history and culture. Many people travel on vacation to enjoy all of the beauty that Mexico has to offer, but most people do not see the extreme inequalities that the people of Mexico experience. The majority of people in Mexico are severely impoverished and live in an environment that makes it extremely difficult to break the cycle of poverty and advance in life. The type of hardships that many Mexican citizens face is unimaginable to most people living in the United States. Lack of adequate education for the poor is a major issue that affects the country significantly as a whole. Mexico has also been known to experience major corruption issues that have crippled the country in the past. The continued existence of these inequalities is holding the country back from truly growing as a whole, causing illegal immigrants to seek a better life in America.
One of the biggest issues facing Mexico at this time is the uneven distribution of wealth. Mexico has the 14th largest economy in the world, yet over 50 million Mexican citizens continue to live in poverty. The country 's wealthiest individuals control almost 43% of Mexico 's wealth and the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow. ( The minimum wage in Mexico at this time is $73.04 Mexican pesos, which is approximately $4.25 U.S. dollars. There is arguably…

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