America 's Intentions From The Battle Of World War II Essay

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America’s intentions were to stay far away from the battle grounds of World War II. However, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, America was left with no choice but to join the war. Over two million men were deployed oversees to aid the allies; leaving their family and friends behind. At home, America struggled with missing their loved ones and wanting to help in any way possible. Americans occupied themselves during WWII with work, baseball, movies, and music.
After husbands, brothers, and fathers left for war, America was left with a large hole in the workforce; American women were asked to step up and fill the country’s needs (“WomenWW2”). Women quickly stepped into jobs that previously were never allowed to be occupied by females. In New Orleans, Louisiana, there was a desperate need for streetcar conductors. The women in the surrounding areas took action and became the first women street car conductors. Other women worked as common factory workers. So Women quickly stepped in and took that role as well as other common jobs that needed to be filled due to the lack of man power. Women also worked in war factories. The factories made war materials that the U.S. needed for war, such as ammo, guns, trucks, planes, and boats. Finally, women served in uniform, both at home and abroad (“WomenWW2”). Over the entire course of the war, nearly 350,000 women served in the war effort (“WomenWW2”). While working in uniform women would often take office, clerical jobs, and repair jobs…

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