Essay on America 's Independence Of The Free

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I had a hard time deciding whether I agreed or disagreed with the above quote. On one hand, yes, America has succeeded in establishing a progressive political system and envisioned a new idea of what it means to be free, but on the other hand, I feel as though that the United States has departed from the ideas of freedom, responsible government, and human equality. In the end, I decided that I disagree with the idea of America is much more of a political and moral fact. What started as the pursuit for a better world, slowly turned into a nation that has become too consumed in their pride and power, and often look past what their country was founded on.
While Americans have been labeled as the “Land of the Free,” a few of their basic rights and freedoms are slowly being stripped, or re-organized, and their citizens do not seem to mind. First, America has a strong history in racism towards African Americans, which had started with slavery. After slavery had been abolished, African Americans still didn’t have the same rights as Caucasians and were kept separate in public places. Since segregation had dissolved, African Americans were finally considered equal, but still face many obstacles in today’s society, with racial profiling in the justice system. Second, their right to privacy has been eroded ever since the dawn of the Internet. With programs like the National Security Agency and PRISM, the government is able to look into every American citizen’s personal life. They…

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