Essay on America 's Foreign Policy During World War II

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After the victory of World War 2 with the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, America lived in constant fear, especially children in schools. A film was shown to all students demonstrating survival techniques on a nuclear attack, and the image of little johnny showed how a nuclear attack can occur at any moment, thus giving them nightmares.(Cnn Duck and Cover).Living daily life with the fear of nuclear attacks isn’t a “happy” life since fear is a negative connotation. Happy days falls on the other side of the spectrum when talking about post ww2 America. Prior to World War 2, America’s foreign policy was isolationist following the ideas of George Washington. The U.S only felt they should intervene if they were directly attacked, and after their victory in World War 2, they began an era of interventionism. They assumed that if they stayed isolated eventually they will be attacked therefore in post ww2, America did their power to best prevent any future wars, and protect their friends abroad. In addition, their foreign policy was generally guided by containment(Doc BB), the idea to stop communism from spreading to any border countries from communist countries such as the Soviet Union. Happy day is a term which should not be used at all during post-ww2 America due to the policy of containment, and the disastrous effects it brought to the U.S as foreign affairs gradually became more dangerous. Starting off with North and South Korea, where communist North Korea decided to invade…

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