America 's First Captains Of Industry Essay

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America wasn 't discovered, it was built by a group of innovative, young business men who were often referred to as America’s first captains of industry. In 1865, towards the end of the civil war, America was seen as a failing nation and as an unsuccessful democracy on the brink of collapse. However, from 1865-1914, America experienced an incredible period of growth which transformed this nation into the most powerful country in the world. During this time frame, the American economy increased by an unprecedented four hundred percent, and the nation experienced a period of industrial and economic expansion and innovation which had never been seen before (Mintz, McNeil. This period of progress can be attributed to a collection of business men such as John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Cornelius Vanderbilt, J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie who not only envisioned a modern nation but transformed the greatest industries of our time such as oil, rail steel, shipping, automobiles, and finance. These savvy innovators of the nineteenth century certainly earned their title as “Captains of Industry” as their corporations led to enormous industrial advancements, momentous economic expansions, job creation, philanthropic deeds, and to the birth of modern capitalism and modern America.
To begin, these influential builders and believers not only dreamed of a modern America but actually created it by revolutionizing industry and manufacturing. For example, in 1914 Henry Ford introduced a…

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