America 's Farewell Address, Neutrality, The Best Policy Essay

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During the beginning of WWI, America chose to stay neutral. America had no motivation to go to war, Europe was far away and most Americans didn’t feel like it was their obligation to needlessly interfere in a foreign war, even though a large portion of the American population was of European heritage. Relating back to George Washington’s farewell address, neutrality is the best policy, this also reflected the views of most citizens and politicians leaving the US neutral until later. Wilson’s policies were intent on keeping the US impartial to either side while he was persistent in the US’s right to keep trade going as usual with both parties. Wilson showed appeasement in his extensive efforts to avoid war even after numerous fouls on Germany’s part with all the ship sinking. Finally, the US citizens were pushed over the edge with the Zimmerman telegram and Wilson was forced to war. The best way to describe the relationship between England and the US at this time is by saying they 're “frienimies”. The whole time Britain was trying to convince the American people to aid the allied powers while they were also openly violating american ships headed to Germany. This left things in a complicated situation for Wilson, but his number one ideal was neutrality.

2. Wilson was the only leader in WWI to publicly announce his war goals to clearly establish what the country was fighting for and hoped to achieve through it’s efforts. Although he was criticized for being to idealistic…

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