America 's Entry Into World War Essay

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Remaining relatively isolated, secluded, and separated by two oceans from other countries in the world since the 1700s, the United States was not drawn into the many skirmishes for dominance that had previously occurred between European countries. These smaller interactions between countries led to the creation of alliances between the larger governments in an attempt to stop others from advancing into their territory. When Russia, a member of the Allied Powers, refused to stop its mobilization on Serbia after the assassination of the Austrian ruler; Germany, a member of the Central Powers, declared war against Russia in 1914 (Tindall & Shi, 2013). Many additional European countries joined the war to both protect their existing territory and attempt to seize other countries for future benefit. Remaining neutral during the first two and one half years of World War I, the United States entered into World War in 1917 after the German government sank five U.S. merchant vessels (Tindall & Shi, 2013). America’s entry into World War I was rushed and required assembling a force of millions and transporting them overseas to engage in the war.

Lacking the necessary numbers of military personnel to effectively fight a war, the United States forcefully required many American men to join the war effort. Moving over 4 million men from the workforce to the military resulted in serious labor shortages throughout the United States. Because of the war, the number of immigrants coming…

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