America 's Domestic Business Against Offshoring Essay

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Identify the problem
While companies have been outsourcing various activities for centuries, in recent decades, the increased growth of products and services that businesses have moved offshore has not only contributed to increased global economic growth and prosperity but also has faced much controversy and debate while Americans today attempt to protect the domestic business against offshoring. The overall problem includes transportation costs, disruption in innovation and productivity, reduction of quality of products and services, job displacement, and more importantly the loss of 3.3 million domestic jobs (Sao & Gupta, 2013). From an ethical standpoint, Kantian ethics states that people should never treat other as a “means to end, but only as ends to themselves” (Van Camp, 2014, p.25). People are not instruments or machines; they have dignity and need to be respected as such. The blue-collar workers are most often affected by outsourcing and incur significant job losses here in the United States. One example in particular is following the Second World War, the auto industry was soaring and in cities such as Flint, Michigan, they were the home to many major factories including main plants for GM and Buick. By the 1990’s, Flint’s manufacturing sector spiraled into a steady decline as this town went from 80,000 manufacturing workers down to 8,000. Globalization was the cause for many of these closures and GM’s cost saving decisions were the reason they moved production…

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