America 's Culture Of America Essay

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To this day, America’s food culture remains to be its pride and joy, yet interestingly enough, what is understood by many to be the traditional food culture of America actually varies greatly from one part of the North American Continent to the other. However, of the vastly differentiating cultures found throughout America, one cannot deny that there is one region in particular who’s culinary culture is well defined, and easily recognizable. Actually, the entire region’s identity is nearly dependent on its distinct food culture; the American South.
The south’s distinct and flavorful cuisine is admired throughout the nation and has become an important part of the average american’s diet. According to the HPBA, over 15,000,000 grills were sold during 2010, and as of today, at least 82% of North American households own either a grill or smoker. 11 yet unbeknownst to many, the south’s culinary traditions are heavily influenced from those of the African-American Slave. When the subject of slavery is discussed, it may lead one to recall America’s difficult and in many ways embarrassing past, yet, the average American is oblivious to the fact that the very modern day culture and society in which they live continues to reflect many characteristics of the African-American Slave’s culture and way of life through the culinary arts.

The emergence African-American food culture within the American cuisine isn’t something that occurred immediately. The distinct cooking practices came…

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