America Was The Best Location For World War Essay

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America was the best location for World War I when it came to food. America, at the time, had the largest agriculture in the world. They did not have to worry about horse’s hooves or shooting gun ruining their farms. Since the war was overseas, their land was secure. Also, a lot of the food that was being sent overseas, was donated from the people, also helping their economy. However, other countries involved in the war were not as lucky. Starting in 1914, the allies had Blockage of Germany sent up to prevent good, especially food, being sent to any of the other countries including Germany, Austria and Turkey. This caused thousands of deaths in the Central Powers, which many historians believe caused the Allies to win the Great War. Because of Great Britain’s extension naval control, they were able to block North Sea and the English Channel, making it impossible for Germany to get any imports into their country. This also caused fights within Germany that didn’t help their fight again the allies. The country was angry that they were forced to ration their food. The Blockade also made it impossible for Germany to sell their food. Because of the shortage of food, Germany’s population was affected by many diseases including tuberculosis. The shortage also caused thousands of deaths affecting their population and the amount of people eligible to fight in the war. In other word, if Germany was able to access America’s help like the Allies did, they may not have lost the war.…

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