Essay on America Is Not The World Police

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America has been in many conflicts such as the Korean War, World War 1, and World War 2. I was going to write this paper on the Middle Eastern campaigns but the wars listed above were the most changing to America and other countries. I think that there really was not anything political behind these wars except for stopping dictatorships. Does the U.S. really get involved in everything to say no but to call America world police would be wrong? In the following paragraphs I will show how America is not the world police.

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America World police

During world war one, Wilson wanted to stay neutral in the war. He wanted to repair our country. He was obligated to enter the war. Germany was using unrestricted submarine warfare. So by no choice did he want to get involved. America wasn’t the only country matter of fact it was other countries prior to our involvement asking for America to help. Britain one of America’s allies pleaded for our help. France 's role was to enter due to a treaty with Russia when Germany declared war on Russia because of the treaty France had to enter. Japans Role was because of an agreement with Britain. So the only one with no real ties to this war and had no choice because Germany was declaring war on the using unrestricted submarine warfare. America had no real treaties or obligation it was a forced decision. Churchill wanted to make a name for himself so he joined the ranks of the soldiers for Britain, his knowledge of warfare…

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