Essay on America Is Freedom Of Religion

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The United States of America is precisely 239 years old. While it is one of the youngest countries in the world, America is often thought of as big brother and a defender of humankind. America is also often derided by other nations and seen as arrogant and possessive. Regardless of what other countries think, Americans think of themselves on a wide spectrum that goes from lavish jingoism to harsh criticism. Whatever the opinion may be, one thing that America seems to be is freedom. America is freedom in all of its glory and ignominy. America is freedom of religion. This country was founded on the principal that anyone may come and practice the religion of their people. Freedom of religion is the First Amendment in the Constitution. Our founding fathers “made no reference whatever to God or divine providence, citing as its sole authority ‘the people of the United States’” (Lambert). This should have ensured the people of this country the right to worship whichever god they choose or no god at all. The true separation of church and state that was originally imposed by the Constitution was inspirational to countries around the world. But there are obvious deviations to this seemingly all-inclusive rule. Why does America’s Pledge of Allegiance contain the phrase “one nation under God”? While it is not a requirement to say The Pledge of Allegiance due to freedom of speech, it is disrespectful in some people’s opinions not to do so. There is a desire to respect our country and…

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