Americ Why Can 't We End It? By Peter Edelman Essay

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In the essay “Poverty in America: Why can’t we end it?” Peter Edelman laments over the ever present issue of Americans living below the poverty line. He enlightens his readers to the possibility of changing what has become the status quo with a passionate voice. Going through several notable changes in tone to convey a strong yet somewhat subjected point Edelman educates his reader through poverty statistics pulled from credible sources. He then manages to balance out the dire news with noted success in fighting poverty in America. Delving further into his essay, Edelman presents his own ideas and solutions to help end or at the very least decrease poverty. His message in the end is easily understood but ineffective as it unfortunately reeks of a political agenda being clumsily force-fed to the reader. According to Edelman, poverty levels in America are at a standstill but only because of the efforts put in already to combat it. With those previous provisions under attack by political ideologies and the ever growing wage gap, the burden of solving poverty will no doubt fall on the shoulders of this latest generation coming into adulthood. In the past, masses of citizens who have seen enough injustice have always risen up to right what is wrong. Edelman ponders; will we do the same?
In a slightly confusing manner Edelman opens up his argument with just the opposite of his thesis, his counter argument. Throwing in a Ronald Reagan quote to lure in the unsuspecting…

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