The Effects Of Poverty In America

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Poverty is one of the biggest problems that America has ever faced. In the United States, 1 of 2 people are in poverty, estimated to be about 46.5 million people as of 2014. Fifteen and a half million of them being under the age of 18, approximately 21.1% and 4.6 million being over the age of 65. The United States has one of the highest poverty rates in the world due to high divorce rates, lack of education, and high population rate. As these factors take into play, it makes it harder for a family to live their lives on a daily basis. Poverty can be the result of standards of living, economic restrictions or downturn and also a high rate of inflation. It is everyone’s hope that this issue can be eradicated completely one day, but steps must …show more content…
If one lacks basic educational skills and concepts, they will be unable to apply themselves for a job that pays minimum wage. In these present years, it is definitely impossible to get a job without a high school diploma, even in the places that pay exactly minimum wage. If the parent living in poverty has not received a proper education, it will only make it difficult for them and their children. Children going to school while in poverty is not easy, lacking necessary supplies such as paper, pencils, notebooks, and a simple school lunch can cause it to be extremely difficult. It is shown in statistics that about 15% of America 's poverty population pull their children out of school due to the lack of necessities the parent was not able to provide. This can be a repeated issue, if not a habit which can also lead to generations of deficiency in education. Although a family in poverty is unable to provide these necessities, thankfully there are programs that provide these materials for children. Education is directly incorporated to earning enough to stay out of poverty. High school dropouts earn less than 22.000 a year while at the high school and college graduate earns roughly about 59,00 or more a year. Young children living in low-income families are shown to score lower on literacy and math assessments even before starting their …show more content…
Approximately 2,570 babies are born into poverty every single day, with 1,532 of those born with no health insurance and 1,836 shown to be neglected. Being that a child needs a number of things to keep them well families in poverty are unable to provide that. Due to the high rates of poverty the government has provided things like food stamps and monthly checks to help families, at least, be able to provide a dinner for their family. The high birth rates of children do not line up with the relative number of people working, saving that can be invested otherwise were being directed into immediate food, health care, housing, and education needs of the number of children being born each day. This prevented families from making a long-term investment that helped lift them out of poverty. As the number of children increases the harder it gets for a family to support their households, such as one parent 's income not being enough for 3 children or more. Even a high rate of a pair of parents, both with low incomes have shown to be unable to support their children due to the high population. Children in large families also tend to have poorer health levels and have known to perform less well in

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