Americ The Land Of The Free And Home Essay

1476 Words Dec 14th, 2016 6 Pages
America. The land of the free and home of the brave. America. It must feel great being an American that can take advantage of all the freedom and privileges America has to offer. Citizens and legalized Americans are able to breath a different kind of American air. The air they breath is nice, fresh, and relaxing resulting into peace in their lives. Being in American for these people is like living in the greatest place on this planet where they don’t have worries nor are scared or frightened of being harmed.
Unfortunately, that is not America for the 11.1 million people who live in the United States undocumented immigrants that that Alan Gomez reported for USA Today. What to an Undocumented Immigrant is America then? It is a place full of fear and steadily living life day by day . As undocumented immigrants, jobs aren’t secure, money is scarce, and freedom is limited. Constantly, you hear people worrying about the number of undocumented immigrants are currently in the country, but what they haven’t asked themselves is what is their need to come into our country so much. The answer is simple. A better life and future for their children. They are willing to sacrifice their lives to assure their children don’t have to go through everything they had to go through. Undocumented immigrants most likely come from their home countries where they worked their butts off and didn’t get paid well or not get paid at all. Some even might come from countries where the violence is brutal…

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