Americ The Ideal Cultivation Of Opportunity And Freedom Essay

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North America today is the ideal cultivation of opportunity and freedom. Americans are guaranteed these rights and that will never change. But before all of this greatness and righteousness, there was a race to see who would conquer this new land. This ultimate race was between England and Spain. These two Super-Powers had everything necessary to turn this uncivilized land into a prospering nation. By analyzing England and Spain in the 1650s-1750s, we can understand these Super Powers’ motivation for colonization, settlement and relations with the Natives, and their economic and political changes. With every objective, there is a motivation that propels a vessel to complete the task. In relation, both England and Spain had similar motivations to colonize in the New World, but there were few distinctions which set them apart. For the Spanish, one was their motivation to spread their religion through the Native Americans (Jones, 65). By spreading their practice, they would be able to hopefully get the Natives on their side and utilize them with their upstart in North America (Jones, 65). With this, they are simultaneously expanding their kind. In result to spread their religion, they built Missions to further their spread amongst the Native Americans in the New World, which was discussed in lecture. Yet another motivation for the Spaniards was money. With all of these motivations combined, the Spaniards came up with their slogan of, “Gold, glory, and God,” for their quest…

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