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Executive Summary
This research is written to explore the consumer behaviours associated with fashion purchasing and help the manager understand what drives consumers to buy fashion products so as to determine the campaign strategy. The study proposes to investigate the people perceive what is fashion or unfashion and discover the possible relationship between different factors and the consumers’ willingness toward fashion. These factors include the effects of brand, the influences of mass media and social network, various shopping places. Surprisingly, the different attitude between different genders toward fashion is considered as an essential factor for people to engage in fashion purchasing.


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It should be noticed that interviewers should add some another flexible questions accordingly to respondent’s reactions and experiences. After interview, the interviewer should transcribe the interview record and uploaded it to online database. Interviewer will choose addition three interview transcripts from another interviewer. The research will be analysed by thematic content analysis.

The ethical consideration, as a foundation of all researchers, not only supports the aim of quality of research, but also improves the creditability and positive effect on study. Willing co-operation of the public is the main participants of this research. Research should be carried out honestly, objectively and protects participants’ rights of privacy.
Rights and obligations to respondents (AMSRS, 2013):
Voluntary participation
Informed of recording and observation
Assurance of bona fides
Rights and obligations to researcher (AMSRS, 2013):
Understanding the purpose of research and maintain objective
Protecting confidentially of research records
The data can not be used for any non-research purpose


Braun and Clarke (2006) said that thematic content analysis is a convenient and theoretically flexible method to analysing qualitative data. This study uses thematic content analysis and presents

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