Amanda, Laura, And Blanche Are Considered Victims Of Abandonment

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Moreover, in Williams’ plays Amanda, Laura, and Blanche are considered victims of abandonment. For example, Amanda was infatuated with gentlemen callers, and she wanted the same for her daughter Laura. This obsession is a remembrance of Amanda’s past of who she was at one point an time. Amanda wants to ensure that her daughter has a gentlemen caller to take care of her to fulfill the void of companionship. Parents who may not have accomplished their life goals and dreams attempt to live their lives through their children as a comfort zone. Blanche was also an aging Southern Belle who thrived on attention from men in order to build her self-esteem. Blanche was known to be loose woman based on loss of her parents and the family home; she did whatever it took to fill the void of loneliness. Furthermore, her coping mechanism to keep her relaxed was alcohol. Thereafter, she loses her dignity and mental ability when she finds out Stanley informed Mitch, a gentleman that she hoped to marry of her past. Blanche is raped by her brother in law, and is sent to a mental institution. Alma, Maggie and Serafina were survivors in Tennessee Williams plays. Each of these ladies used sexual restraints to gain their dominant nature from the men they desired. Alma was a survivor battling against her flesh, such as William’s did with his own sexuality. Alma turned into the boastful woman that at one time wanted to save herself from having relations with her longtime neighbor John. Her…

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